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I am currently living and working in Toronto as a Financial Analyst. To me, the interior decor is going above and beyond functionality to showcase my aesthetics and personality. As someone who enjoys social gatherings, I installed smart light bulbs to change scenes according to the vibe and occasions. Sometimes, colour changes could energize appetite, create a more cozy space, and engage people in a light-hearted mood.

In addition, the counter height dining table encourages conversations around the kitchen area, which certainly reflects how I appreciate the human interaction and could definitely impact how my day goes.

Shopping for decor and creating curation is also a coping mechanism for me to destress and refocus. I started building my own personal plant “Sanctuary” including inch-plant, monstera, begonia and rubber plants (and many more!). Daily maintenance allows me to step out of my work mode and really helps me take a breath from a long to-do list. I also find repotting therapeutic and certainly improves my whole outlook on the world as these cute little things symbolize growth and lives.

Linson. L

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